May 31, 2011

Yamapi - ZC

Tomohisa Yamashita -ZC

山下智久以组合B.I.G出道,4年前加入NEWS组合,几年来 ... |

山下智久 我有话说 粉丝聊吧 | 意见反馈 |

Also widely known as Yamapi, is a Japanese idol, actor and singer.
He is active as a solo artist and as a member of the Japanese boyband NEWS.
He very doog looking,very nice.
I like the TV series he starred in Nobuta wo Produce and Puropōzu Daisakusen.
He also has to sing.

Good job!!

Rei was the first to post to the new blog - Beyond Classroom Walls.

She has made three posts, talking about our university and her favorite things. Well done!!! 

my favorite japanese celebrity

Saitou yuuki

He is a baseball player. He is a pitcher.

When he was a high school student, he won the championship in the
national athletic meeting.
He was called a Hannkachi ouzi

Everyone knows him.
He went on to Waseda University.
He took an active part also at the university.
Saito became the representation from Japan of the university.

Saito is a star of the baseball .

He will become famous also in the world in the future.

My week day - Ryota

The class is attended on my weekday.
I want to hold out to take the unit firmly, and to graduate.

May 30, 2011

Recommended Songs

Today the students in one of my English classes recommended their favorite songs. Here's the ones they want to listen to in class.

1. My Happy Ending by Avril Lavine

2. Love The Way You Lie by Eminem

3. I Believe I Can Fly by R Kelly

4. Yesterday Once More by The Carpenters

Do you have any other nice songs to recommend to your classmates?

Takuya Kimura

Takuya kimura,japanese singer actor in1987joind johnny
the other fivr boys in 1988 and formed a hand SMAP
virgin toshio ninagawa directed as "dags"
artist wife shizuka kudo
takuya kimura loved primary school foodball, high school baskerball school selected

K1.  Kt

May 28, 2011

my wedesday JM

I usually get up at 7:30 AM
I have Psychology class in period1
I usually listen to reading at home

May 26, 2011

My weekdays-2B miki

This is my iPod.
I like music.
I listen to music everyday.
Music makes me happy.
I can't live without music.

My week days - A2 mst

This is my schedule.
It looks like many free times.
But I work almost every day.
I want many free times.

My weekdays-2B oda

I belong to a tennis circle.I play tennis or badminton on Monday.
And I haven't part time job.So I want to have part time job and make good spend on weekdays.

Interact with other schools


Are you interested in sharing ideas and information with students from other universities? Go to this new blog and take a look at the instructions page.

May 25, 2011

My weekdays 2B kenk

I do not have class on Wednesdays. School days during the week, and classes from morning till evening. In the evening, to end the day job.

My weekdays - 2B fmi

I practice yosakoi twice a week.
And I dance two hours and a half a day.
It's very hard, but I like it.
Thank you.

My Weekdays

I am rin
I work part-time mainly

My Week Days

Hi, I am Hyu.
I go to school mainly on weekdays by train. If a school is over, I work part-time. I prepare tomorrow's with preparations I come home in a house before 11:00, and to lie down. Thus I do some PCs and read and sleep.

My weekdays-2B sakamoto

Hi,I'm sakamoto.
I went to the university every day of the week.
And I had part time job.

My week days 2A igka

Hi every one.I am igka.
I usually go to the university.
In addition a is idle with a cat on
an off day and works part-time.

My WEEK days 2A Cmasa

I work Part-time mainly
I perform a martial art on a spear in a gym on a day without a dyte and play

My week days 2A fyu

I have gone to the university on the weekday.
It spends it by watchingtelevision, and listening to music after school.

My weekdays-2B Tk

This week went to university every day.There wasn't work this week. There was no singular adventure this week.

My weekdays 2B

Hi,I'm oyu.
I always take trains to school.It takes about an hour.
When I take trains,I was sitting on seat sleep,but I was standing sleep.
However It arrives Yawata station,I wake up then.
I usually study bookkeeping.
When I  don't have a class,I go to Mizuho community.
I get home about 11:00 p.m.
I got a sense of fulfillment from I was admitted to CUC.

My weekdays 2B Lamp

Hi,I'm Lamp.
I'm almost sutudying the bookkeeping for one week.
So,a special event did not happen.
But,I think Sunday is very important day.
Because,I don't have so much free time on weekdays.
I eat out on Sunday, and watch television.
It's very valuable time for me.

My weekdays-Techno

I usually get up at AM7.
It goes to the university without eating meal.
When the university ends, the part time job is do.
When the part-time job ends safely, it eats dinner at home,
the problem is done, and it is asleep.
Recently, I am very tired.

Online shopping about comment -Techno

I think that the Online shoppingu is convinient.
However, it is necessary to know information on the asked commodity
Online shopping has a dangerous side.
When using it,it is necessary to take care about variety.

May 24, 2011

My weekdays - ZC

My weekdays(1)-zc

I go to school on Monday.
I  usually get up at 10:00 AM. I  have English class in period 3.
And go to work in the afternoon.At the restaurant in dinner.
Tuesday   go to school in the morning。
I get up at 7:20 AM.I  have physical education clas in period 1.
After school I went to  DONKI. DONKI went to see the bike.
Wednesday go to school in the morning too。
I  have basic research clas in period 1. I  have university life clas in period 2.
Home began to go to bed at noon.
Thursday is the last day of the week。 Three classes in the afternoon.

my week days g1_RIHO

Politics and P.E. are studied on Tuesday.
P.E. is basket ball.
I like basketball.
Because I like team play.
It goes to eat out with my friend after school.

My weekdays-2B fama

I usually get up at 7:00.
I have to go to school at 7:40.
But, I usually go to bed at 3:00 AM.
So, I felt tiredly every day.

May 23, 2011

My week days g1-Yusuke

After school,I eat somewhere,play games and go shopping with my friends.
I work weekend.
It is too much trouble but I hang on the work.
Bcause I want to get clothes and play with my friends.

My weekdays-Tb22

I went to school in the morning.
After School,I went to looking "UKIYO-E" in Chiba.
"UKIYO-E" is looked very wenderful a picture.
After,I went to the Chiba Sta.
I took a picute the train.
I met my friend by chance the Chiba Sta.

My day CH

 Yesterday is Sunday. It was sunny. I didn't go to school. I wanted go shopping. I got up at 9:30 in the morning.I had some cereal and an egg for breakfast. I went out at 11:00. The shop was near . I went there on foot. Many people were in the shop. I bought a  bag of chips . At 12:00 I went home for lunch. I had some vegetable and meat for lunch. I read a book in the afternoon. I ate some noodles and fruit for supper. After supper, I did my homework. then I watched TV. Later, I played on the computer. I lay on my bed. I listened to music. I had a happy day.

My weekdays

I have classes from monday to saturday daytime and at night to sleep.
I eat four meals a day breakfast lunch and dinner there is supper.
At least twice a week to go out drinking with friends.
Sometimes go home to play computer.
Sometimes the aftermoon shopping with my mother.

C1 kt

My golden week 2B KOUSUKE

I went shopping to ゛RARAPORT".
And I had a work.

May 22, 2011

Online shopping about comment - zcy

I think Online shopping are very dangerous. I have bought a skirt on
line shopping. When it arrived , it diffent fron sample. I felt very sad
. So from now on I buy things from online seldom.
S0 I suggest that this failure as a shoud consider well
to buy some things online next time.

My weekends - zcy

I went to climb takao mountain with my friends. It cost about 3 hours to
top. We felt very tired,but happy. We walked along mountain road
carefully. birds rang songs happily. It sound like welcome our to come.
We ate supper at 8:00 and reacheg home at 9:00. But I felt very glad.

May 21, 2011

My golden week G1 hiro

My phone is broken.
Therefore, the my phone was changed.
It is not easy to use.
I want to become accustomed early.

My week days G1 hiro

I usually go out somewhere with the friend.
Shopping with the friend is very interesting.
However, there is no money recently.
To go to shop, I want to do the byte.

My weekdays g1 -- tomoya

I am studying economics and English at the university.
Economics is difficult.
I play baseball with the friend After school.

The team the captain is me.
enjoy every day.

May 20, 2011

I usually get up at 6:30.
First class、Second class、Fourth class at Mondays.
First class is Korean.
Second class is economics.
Fourth class is phychorogy.
I go to a temple on my way home.
I usually listen to music at home.
I write in Korean before I sleep.

My weekdays-JM

Every weekend I at home cleaning the house do cooking.
Sometimes friends will come to my house.
At night I would go to work

May 19, 2011

Read (& Comment)


Our Golden week 2B fmi & miki
A:what did you do during in GW?
M:I went to shimizu park and took pictures.
A:What did you take pictures?
M:I took landscape. But I took a few picture.
M:I Playd athletics.
A:Did you enjoy?
M:Yes.I did. How about you during in GW?
A:I went bolowing with my friends.
M:Did you enjoy?
A:Yes.I did. But My arm is tired.


Hello.I am miki.
I went to Shimizu park with phot club member.
There are many athletics.
I played athletics and ate lunch.

Ouv Golden Week 2A V.I.P. & 

H: What did you do in Golben week?
V: I work and cold dawn in Golden week. Wat did you do in Golden Week?
H: I watched GANTZ and I went out for drinks.
V: Was GANTZ fun?
H: Yes, it was. Shall we watch morie?

Exciting soccer game

じゃれマガ 2011年01月26日号
I watched a very exciting soccer game between Japan and South Korea last night. Both teams scored a goal in the first half, but they couldn't get a goal in the second half. The score was tied 1-1, so the game went into extra time. Japan scored a goal at the beginning. Then, just before the end, the Koreans scored a goal to tie the game 2-2. The game was decided by penalty kicks.Japan won and will go on to play Australia in the finals.

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How to say "kando suru" in English?

じゃれマガ 2010年11月24日号
Do you know how to say "kando suru" in English?If you look it up in the dictionary, it says "I was impressed" or "It moved me." The problem is that we don't use these expressions very much in English. When we really like a concert or a movie, we say "It was fantastic" or "I loved it." I am impressed by great things like the Grand Canyon and great people like Akira Kurosawa. I am moved by sad stories like "The Diary of Anne Frank."

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Online Shopping

じゃれマガ 2011年05月11日号
You have to be careful when you order something from an online site. The other day I wanted to buy a Harry Potter movie, so I went to I found the movie, but they were selling several different versions. Without thinking, I ordered the cheapest one.When it arrived, the package was much smaller than a regular DVD. It wasn't a DVD!It was a UMD, a disc for a Play Station Portable (PSP). No wonder it was so small!

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Slam Dunk (manga) & Real (manga) on Qwiki

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May 18, 2011

Our Golden week 2B takeyama and Chocoball Kato

T:How was your GW?
C:I was at home to move.And I moved to Funabashi.
T:How was new home?
C:Great. My house is near the station. There is good spot on fireworks in the summer.
T:I'm envious.

My golden week 2B takeyama

I went the university and studied bookkeeping.
I was very tired.

Our Golden week-2A メシマズ&shinba&Tb22

A: Tb22 B: メシマズ C: shinba
A: What did you Golden week?
B: I watched "GANTZ".
C: Me too.
A: What did you watched movie?
C: We watched movie in Urayasu.
B: Oh,yeah!
B: What did you Golden week?
A: I went to Akihabara.
c: What did you buy?
A: I bought stoppings.

GOAL : kuronbo 2-B

I'm at level A1-1.
My listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills are at level A1-1.
I want to be at A2-1.
I want my listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills are at level A2-1.

My Golden Week メシウマ

I bought a snake. Jangurukapettopaison is a kind.
His name is Gyopi.
It is very cute.

My Golden Week : kuronbo 2-B

Hello, every one.
I'm kuronbo.
I want to Aizuwakamatu City in Fukushima-ken.
Because my parents' home is in Aizu.
This picture is my family.
She name is MILK.
She is very cute.
I played with her.
My golden week is very happy.
In Aizu, it is still cold.

My favorite snake メシウマ

My favorite is the snake Gyopi.
He takes about 3 minutes to eat rats 1.
The pace of once a week.

Our Golden week 2B oda and Pon

O:How was your GW?
P:I worked almost everyday.
O:Didn't you go any other place?
P:Yes,I went to Ami outlet.But I didn't buy anything.
How was your GW?
O:I went to Yokohama and Kamakura.
P:What did you do there?
O:I took dinner at Yokohama chinatown.And in Kamakura,I visited Tsuruoka Hachimanguu shrine.
P:Who did you go with?
O:I went with my mother and sister and aunt and cousins.
P:It sounds intersting!

Our golden week 2A fyu 千代

f Hi Masato.
m Hi Furuya.
f What did you do GW?
m I went shopping in Asakusa with my friend, And I went to eat sushi.
m Where did you go?
f I went to watch Gaku in movix.


My GOLDEN WEEK was very full.
I watched a movie.
The tittle is "13 assassins".
It was interesting.

our Goldenweek 2-A rin and Senbon

r Hi
s Hi
r what did do Goldenweek?
s I played soccer. How about you?
r I went shopping.
s Wheare did you gofor shopping?
r I went Gotenba outlet.


I'm at level A2-1.
I want to be at level B2.

Observations: Twitter Helped Doctors Tell Patients Where to Get Meds After Japan Earthquake

Observations: Twitter Helped Doctors Tell Patients Where to Get Meds After Japan Earthquake

震災後、医者が患者にどこで薬が得られるかを伝えるのにTwitter が役立った

My favorite things

My favorite things is play basketball with my friends on holiday.
And,various speaking is done then.
For example,a dream story, companion's story, and the future are spoken.

Our Golden week 2B Lamp ,PS3 & Gonchan.

L:Hi PS3 , How was your golden week ?
P:I studied the bookkeeping hard.
G:Is it every day!?
P:That's right.How about you ,Gonchan ?
G:I watched the movie with my family.
L:What title is it?
G:It is ゛13 assassins゛.How was your golden week,Lamp?
L:I studied the bookkeeping too.I was very buzy during this holiday.

About me

Hello every one.
I'm GONCHAN.I really aplogize for not having replied sooner.
I'm from Ibaragi.
I live in Ebisu now.
I like to watch movie.I have watched a lot of movie.
My recommended movie is "LEON"
Nice to meet you!

What Drives People to Try to Get Into the Guinness Book? | Special English | Learning English

What Drives People to Try to Get Into the Guinness Book? | Special English | Learning English


音声付き VOA Special English News

"Our Golden Week" 2B Rei & kuronbo

K:How was your Golden week?
R:My Golden week was little boring.
K:What did you do?
R:I just went to shopping with my friends at the first day, and part-time job.
What did you do?
K:I went to Aizuwakamatu City in Fukushima-ken at home town.I enjoyed agriculture.
R:That's sounds fun!
How was Fukushima.
K:I stayed Aizu is safe.

May 17, 2011

"Our Golden Week" 2B sakamoto&kinari

S:How was your G.W?
K:I came to school almost everyday and practice kendo.
K:How about you?
S:I had a baseball game. I did one's best. But my team was lost.
S:What else do you do?
K:I went to shopping. And I worked though I was tired.
K:How about you?
S:I got a kitten. His name is "ASH" because he has gray fur. He is very lovely. I'm looking forward to his growth. 

My weekdays - 1G

  I have the same contentment basically.I basically to two meals a day, breakfast and dinner.
  On Monday I have 4 classes.First lesson from 9 a.m., the first lesson is Language , the second lesson is Business base, the third lesson is English , the fourth quarter is psychology.
  Tuesday will be only two classes.Biological and Research.
  There are four class on Wednesday. Health, Environment, University life, Bookkeeping.
  Thursday and have no class on Friday. There are two classes on Saturday, Intelligence and English.
  Usually have time I can play games, two hours or so. Listening to music is my interest, concert make me forget my trouble.

1G 表現確認

  • during (the) Golden Week
  • on the weekend,  on Sunday
  • this Sunday, this weekend
  • next Sunday, next weekend
  • last  Sunday, last weekend

  • What do you usually do on Sundays?
  • What did you do on Sunday?
  • What will you do on Sunday?


  • There were a lot of customers. 
  • There were many customers.
  • (×) There were much customers.
  • I had a lot of homework.
  • I had much homework.
  • (×) I had many homework.

  • I had a lot of (many) things to do やることがたくさんあった
  • have a driver's license  運転免許を持っている
  • get a driver's license  運転免許をとる
  • invite 人 to ...
  • bad - worse - worst 

【How do you say ... in English?】
  • 授業名:politics, economics, geography, P.E., Korean
  • 友達とご飯:eat out with my friends, go for dinner with my friends

My Golden Week

I went to Meiji Jingu stadium to watch baseball game.
It's very exciting.
thank you.

My Golden Week g1-Yusuke

I worked seven hours everyday with my friend.
I watched TV , and played with a cat at night.
I was very tired this Golden Week.

my favorite singer g1_RIHO

I like Kumi Koda.
She is very good singer.
My favorite song is "TABOO".
This song is so cool !!
She is my best of women.

my GW g1_RIHO

My GW was very enjoy !!
Because I went to shopping in Ikebukuro.
First I went to PARCO.
Second I took PURIKURA.
Third I went to Sunshin sity. Sunshin sity is very large and beautiful !!
My golden week -zc

This year golden week is my busiest week 。
Because shorthanded, going to work every day 。
I'm in a department store of Chinese cooking work 。
The Chinese cooking really delicious 。
Time to come here try 。

My weekdays-1g zc

My weekdays-zc

Monday morning go to  school,PM to go to work。Eat dinner in the restaurant
Tuesday is the day to go to school。Because of a late school,
After school, and friends to dinner。
Only two classes on Wednesday。Home began to go to bed at noon。
Thursday is the last day of the week。To this day, three classes。

Our Golden week 2A igka &s,s-2,13.

S:What did you doGolden week.
I:warked a GEO.
I:What did you do.
S:I went to Chibazoo,I watched Futa.
I:Oh!good Goldenweek.
S:Thank you,see you.

Goals - 1G1

  • Listening: A1-1 -> B1 
  • Speaking: A1-1 -> A2-2
  • Oral Communication: A1-1 -> A2-1
  • Reading: A1-2 -> B1
  • Writing: A1-1 -> A2-2    


  • Listening: A2-1 -> B1 
  • Speaking: A1-2 -> B1
  • Oral Communication: A1-2 -> A2-2
  • Reading: A2-2 -> B2
  • Writing: A2-1 -> B1    

  • Listening: A1-2 -> B1 
  • Speaking: A1-2 -> B1
  • Oral Communication: A1-2 -> B1
  • Reading: A2-1 -> B2
  • Writing: A1-2 -> B1

  • Listening: A1-1 -> B1 
  • Speaking: A1-1 -> B1
  • Oral Communication: A1-1 -> B1
  • Reading: A1-2 -> B1-2
  • Writing: A1-1 -> A2-2

  • Listening: A2-1 -> B1 
  • Speaking: A1-2 -> A2-2
  • Oral Communication: A1-2 -> A2-2
  • Reading: A2-1 -> B1
  • Writing: A1-2 -> A2-2

  • Listening: A2-1 -> B1 
  • Speaking: A1-2 -> B1
  • Oral Communication: A2-1 -> B1
  • Reading: A2-1 -> B1
  • Writing: A1-2 -> B1

May 16, 2011

Our Golden Weeks - mst & Naranara

M: What did you do GW?
N: I played Slot. And I lost 100,000yen.
M: Oh...
N: I was very sad. What did you do GW?
M: I ate Yukke in Ebisu. I lost my family.
N: Oh...
M: It's joke!!

Reading: How was Friday the 13th?

じゃれマガ 2011年05月16日号
How was Friday the 13th?
Did anything bad happen to you?
It was a normal Friday for me.
I worked until 7:45 p.m. and went home.
My dinner was waiting for me.
I turned on the TV, but I was too late to see the Chunichi game.
I watched the end of the game between Yakult and Yokohama instead.
I was rooting for Yokohama, the underdogs, but they lost 4-6.
I found out later that Chunichi had beaten Hanshin 4-2.
Send your comments to
浜島書店 英文メールマガジン「じゃれマガ」
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PC :

May 15, 2011

Our golden week 2B TK & oyu.

O:How was your golden week?
T:I studied bookkeeping.How was your golden week? 
O:Mw too.I studied bookkeeping.And I went to shopping only a day.
T:What's did you buy?
O:I bought a pair of shoes,and clothes. I was happy because I wanted they.
T:Where did you go shopping?
O:I went to IEON shopping center in Narita.What did you do enything else?
T:I slept all day long.So I had a nice day.
O:I think you need a holiday because you are busy everyday.
T:Oh,Thank you.
O:See you again.
T:See you.

Our Golden week-2B Techno&POKA

P:How were you doing in GW?
T:I went to shopping in Ueno.
P:What did you buy?
T:I bought shoes.
P:What kind of shoes did you buy?
T:I bought a running shoes.
P:Oh! It is nice shoes.
T:How were you doing in GW?
P:I went to Banya in Tomiura.
T:What kind of shop is there?
P:There is Seanfood restrant.
T:Oh! I like seafood!
P:I had a good time.
Because I ate a Bowl of rice topped with sashimi.It was deliciaus food.
T:It was good!

May 14, 2011

Our Golden week-2A メシマズ&shinba&Tb22

A: Tb22 B: メシマズ C: shinba
A: What did you Golden week?
B: I watched "GANTZ".
C: Me too.
A: What did you watched movie?
C: We watched movie in Urayasu.
B: Oh,yeah!
B: What did you Golden week?
A: I went to Akihabara.
c: What did you buy?
A: I bought stoppings.


Golden Week had been downed due to the byte and cold.

JM Golden week

What did you do during the Golden week
Golden week these days I work every day nine hours
Except work every day is sleeping, eating
Work is very tired, because the customers also many golden week

Good it's back

Blogger was down for naintenance yesterday. Glad it's back!

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May 13, 2011

G1 taka My Golden Week

My Golden Week was very tired.
Because I work at the Saizeriya.
But I did not work all. I went to Karaoke with my friends.
If I had not work that、I could have enjoyed at Golden Week.

my Golden Week g1-tomoya

I was playing with the friend.

Because homework had come out, too it studied.

BBQ was done on all the last days.

May 11, 2011

My Golden Week 2B oda

I went to Yokohama and Kamakura.
I went shopping in Motomachi and took a dinner at a Chinatown.
In Kamakura,I went and worship at Tsuruoka-Hachimanguu.

My Golden week 2-A igka

Hi every one.I am igka.
I played with a cat every day and went nowhere for Golen week.
I want to go for some trip next year.

My golden Week 2-B TK

I studied bookkeeping everyday. Because I'm going to have qualification exam next month. it was busy.So I didn't enjoy golden week.

Goal-2B TK

I am at level A1-1.My reading listening writing and speaking skills are at level A1-1.
I want to be at level A 2-2.My reading skills at level B1.

My Golden week

I'm Lamp.
My Golden week was very enhanced.
I belong to the Mizuho association.
So,I spent on study of Nissho bookkeeping
during Golden week .

Goal 2-B Lamp

I am at level A2-1.
I want to be at level B2.
I'm sorry.↓ Mistake!

My golden week.

Hi! every one.
I'm s,s-2,13.
I went too Chiba zoo.
I watched to Fuuta.
I love Fuuta!!
Iam masato.
my gw is shopping.
I went asakusa.
I played soccer.




May 10, 2011





I enjoyed my Gold week.Iwent climbing in the Ooyama mountain with my friends.
And I went to eat Mexico food with my husband.I hope we will go climbing in the
other nice mountains in August,and we will eat Kaiseki cooking in June.So I will
enjoy a next good time.

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May 9, 2011

Goal-2B SEI

I am at level A1-1.My reading ,listening,writing and speaking skills are at level A1-1.
I want to be at level A2-2.My reading and listening at level B1-1.


what did you do. during the golden week.
Golden week , the first day i was at home sleeping all day .
The next day my friend and i went to the night club to play a full two days.
The fourth day in friend's house to sleep.
The fifth day of home and mother togo shopping.
Friend ang i drove to the sixth day lin park beach barbecue
Tokyo intemational University, the last day to see the school.

My golden week 1G CH

Golden week I basically all at home. Because no job so through the call to finded work.University assignments are many, university class just decided so have to tidy it up.Put up the lesson to fall.
 Call parents also is must to do with parents about now lives and learning.The second day of the week, my friends come to visit me, we go where we memorial hall, guo moruo took a lot of pictures. Feeling quite meaningful.
 My golden week though not rich and colorful, but I feel very substantial.

May 8, 2011

My Golden Week 2-B sakamoto

I began to keep the kitten.
His name is "ASH"
Because the color is a gray.
He is very lovely.
I'm looking forward to his growth.

My Golden Week 2-B POKA

I went to "Banya" with my friends.
Banya is seafood restaurant.
There is in Chiba.
I ate "Kaisendon"and "Kakiage".
How delicious!
I had a good time.


My listening skills is at level B1.
I want to be at level B2.
My speaking skills is at level A1-2.
My conversation skills is at level A2-1.
My reading skills is at level A2-2.
My writing skills is at level A1-2.
I want my speaking,conversation,reading and writing skills at level B1.

My Golden Week -2Btaka

I had a cold.But I was very happier than last GW.
I wathed movie "Harry potter" and went to shopping and worked.
Every day was able to be spent happily due to cold though it was painful.
There was always Mario by me.

My Golden week - fmi

I went bowling.
And I played 2 games.
The first game, my score is 118.
The second game, my score is 138.
By the way my best bowling score is 145.
Thank you. 2B fmi

May 7, 2011

GW -2B

Hi,I'm oyu.
I had very nice days.
I'm Mizuhokai member.
We went to CUC and studied bookkeeping during GW.
Bookkeeping is exciting for me.
2B GW.

My Golden Week

I worked part-time for Golden Week and I went out with a friend and bought clothes and when and I watched a movie(GANTZ) and I did a drinking session, I did that I was various and spent it.
I was substantial very much and was able to enjoy Golden Week most so far.

Golden Week-2B fama

I went to "round 1" to play bowling twice a week.
I like playing bowling very much.
I often go bowling center with my junior high school friends.
I bought "my boll"! It's wonderful.
I felt happy.

May 6, 2011

G1 My favorite everyday things - ZC

I like to watch movies.
I've developed a great liking for korea food. I come to like Kimchi stew pot.
I want to match football gam , but a can`t play.
I prefer coffee to tea. I like leisure time to cafe au lait and cake.
I want to play mobile game.

My Golden Week 2B Rei

About my Golden week
(Name: Chou Rei)
I had a week vacation,The Golden week.
Everyday I get up late in the morning.I just went Lalaport to shopping with my friends on the first day.And I had part-time job during the Golden Week .
I watched television every night.I think my Golden Week was a little boring.

My golden week fyu

I went shopping in the family.
It went to [REIKUTAUN]of Saitama prefecture.
The shop was very large and I was surprised.
I went to go again.

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GW - Ryo

about me Ryo
I came to the scool like the neary every day andwas studying thebookkeeping
I will try out for in this coming June


I enjoyed my Gold week.Iwent climbing in the Ooyama mountain with my friends.
And I went to eat Mexico food with my husband.I hope we will go climbing in the
other nice mountains in August,and we will eat Kaiseki cooking in June.So I will
enjoy a next good time.

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